Sunday, December 18, 2011

Alpine Regions of Haa

Now that I am back from my trek, I am inundated with requests from friends to mail them some photographs of what I saw in the frigid regions of Haa. It is an arduous process to mail images … so I am uploading few photos here on the Blog so that my readers and friends around the world can see them.

I intend to go back on the same trek after about a month. I want to shoot the lake Tsonapata when it is completely frozen! And, I want to shoot the full moon over Kanchenjunga with a long lens – perhaps with a 300mm or a 500mm super telephoto. The photo earlier posted was with a wide angle. I am going to use a polarizing filter so that the moon and the snow-capped Kanchenjunga stand out – should be AWESOME!!! But my pony man warns me that the passes may not be open :(


  1. May the force be with you!

  2. Are those Nub Tshona Pata trout hanging from the line?? Plenty of fish in this lake. Beautiful photos. You could also see the Chinese road at Nathula from there. Wonderful memories.

  3. Hi Anon,

    Nope, they are not fish from the Nob Tsonapata. Yes, I have photos of the Nathula pass - the Chinese side of the pass) shot with 800mm tele lens.

  4. If not trout, what are they? Did you see the Indian hill stations - Darj, Kurseong & Kalimpong from where you were? Will you be posting your pictures of the Nathula Pass? Anon.

  5. Aue Yeshey , you got be be the most awesome photographer in the country .. your images are mesmerizing . Your pictures exude a lot of your passion to capture our beautiful country through your lens . keep the great work going & keep on snapping away (er,with your cameras)

  6. Hi Anon 1&@,

    Thanks for the comments ...

    OK .... I wasn't going to post the Nathula Pass photo ... but since you want to see, I will post it later -- I haven't had the time to download the images from my 1.6X camera where the imges of Nathula are stored.