Sunday, April 3, 2011

Lingzhi Jagö Dzong


  1. You might have probably noticed part rock fallen down revealing the shape of Dungkar just above the Dzong/Lhakhang on cliff. Local residents said that, it fell down after the completion of the construction...AMAZING.

  2. Hi UWICE,
    Frankly I did not notice that. Although I camped 2 nights there - right below the Dzong, I was too busy trekking to Chebisa and shooting Blue sheep that I did not give it much notice. Next time I go, it will be different.

  3. Hi Sir,
    UWICE was me..i thought i signed in while posting the comment.
    Sad that you missed the "DUNGKAR" like shape carved by falling the part of rock just above the lhakhang.
    You might have missed it, since no one told you about it, because you could figure out the shape only on careful observation.
    I tried to magnify your photo, to see if you have spotted or not, but could not figure it out.
    During my visit in July 2008, there were Himalyan Griffon on the cliff.

  4. Hi UWICE,
    You are right - no one told me about it. May be because I was out of the camp by 6AM in the morning and came back only in the late evening. Ofcoure one evening I got invited to a Choku that was in progress in one of the houses - but I declined since I could see that people were already pretty sozzled and I didn't want to end up in any unsavory incidents.