Sunday, April 3, 2011

Lingzhi Dzong


  1. Splendid photograph! I envy your photography skills sir.
    Do we need a formal training in photography to take such pictures? Thanks to your blog, I am increasingly developing a love towards this art form day by day. What is the camera that you use for producing these wonderful snapshots (if you don't mind pl.) : )

  2. Hi Lingchen
    That is great! I hope you do take up photography - it can be very fulfilling.

    I never had a formal training but I have been at it for a very long time. However, a formal training is always good so that you get an idea of the basics, the concept and some technical aspects of photography.

    During the film days, I used Olympus and Nikon cameras but once I migrated to digital, it has always been Canon.

  3. Thanx for the bonus of a little piece of history to go with the beautiful, dreamlike photographs of Lingzhi Dzongs. A visit to Lingzhi is wishful thinking, but still it is somehwere on top of my dream list especially every time I see the photographs. Sonam ~

  4. Hi Sonam
    You should really make it to Lingzhi. It is beautiful. I know I will be going back once again - that is for sure.

  5. Thank you sir. I'll try to get my hands on a huge Cannon one day.

  6. Lingchen,
    Start with a small one then slowly graduate to huge ones. Unless ofcourse you are loaded.