Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Prime Minister's Trip to India

Our Hon’ble Prime Minister is due to visit India in the next few days. I am compelled to believe that, pending that visit, even our Parliamentary session has been postponed to 7th September - more than a month since the formation of the government. This is unprecedented. The new government’s first order of business should have been to convene the Parliament - post haste - and adopt the XIth Five Year Plan and pass the budget without delay. Instead, I gather that the Draft XIth Five Year Plan has been handed over to the government of India representatives - even before our Parliament discussed it. This is rather strange - certainly no Wangtse Chirphel here - perhaps it is the DNT influence - New Times, New Ideas. No sarcasm is intended - this is a serious issue. Our own Parliament must first approve our plan documents - before seeking approval or discussing it with foreign governments and aid agencies. This is soooooooooo MORBID!

Wangcha Sangey has written a powerful article on his Blog ( - pleading for the cause of Bhutan and the Bhutanese. I wish to do the same. However, let us first accept that harping on issues such as sovereignty, dignity and self-esteem - given our pathetic condition - is being rather naïve. It is akin to donning a thin cloak in a thick winter.

By now the whole world knows what India did to Bhutan this July - they have been blatant and shameless in their interference in our internal politics. But there are some who are quick to tell me that PDP win and India’s interference is good for the country and the people of Bhutan. That India is justified in protecting their strategic interests; that our Prime Minister shaking the hands of the Chinese Premier has undermined India’s security concerns.

All right then - let me wish our Prime Minister the very best of luck during his upcoming trip to India. I hope and wish that he would be able to get the Indians to deliver on all the promises they have been making - since the elections.

But there is something the Bhutanese people must know. The issue at stake is not of our sovereignty. That is not in doubt. What is true is that India is holding us hostage - to serve their strategic interest. It is sad that India thinks that is how they will resolve their issues with China. They miscalculated in 1962 and they are doing it once again this time.

It is in India’s interest to allow Bhutan to deal with China and our border dispute with them - as we see fit and in a manner that is beneficial to all concerned - including India. Bhutan will do nothing that will be detrimental to India’s interests. It is not in Bhutan’s interest to harm India’s interest. But India coaching PDP leadership to make a policy statement during their election campaign has serious ramifications on Bhutan. Getting rid of Prime Minister Jigme Yoezer Thinley is
not the answer to India’s problems. In fact a person like JYT - with long and varied institutional memory - is a worthier person to look objectively at issues that face both Bhutan and India in relation to China.

In the process of safeguarding India’s security concerns, we have compromised our own. That is not fair. At some point very soon, we will be required to answer a simple and straightforward question:

What is our foreign policy with respect to our neighbor in the North?

I hope the PDP government is preparing their answer with great care. How they answer will determine the nationhood of this country.


  1. History and geography well mixed and that makes geopolitics. The winner takes it all. In the end it is about survival of all and not who is leaning against who for that matters shall be left only to the academe. we are contended to be surviving and we will thrive. Such voices if unbiased should be made at all times and not while the people are confused and waiting for things to settle down.
    The bottomline is that while it is irresistible to not to make such observations; the wisdom lies in keeping people together and not attempting to be divisive at any cost.

    1. Agreed. There are some people bent on creating disharmony when they do not get what they desired. PDP made some noise and staged a little drama in 2008 and the DPT's vocal supporters lambasted them in no uncertain terms and accused them of acting like a ngolop. The allegations then were similar to what these same DPT supporters are now throwing at the nation. To these people, it seems peace and stability of the country is not of paramount importance as long as they get what they want at the personal and party level.
      Yes Indian govt's deliberate and blatant interference in our election was despicable and it seems they would have done so no matter whichever party was contesting against DPT. We as a nation must therefore raise our voice against such external interferences and never forget them.
      But the two parties and their supporters seem to forget that there could be a good number of neutral citizens watching them and forming their own conclusions. Scaringly, some of these supporters seem to believe that a great cosmetic job will buy the majority of citizens to their cause and agenda. I believe that this group of supporters have the capacity and wherewithal to either, strengthen our country if they truly believe and want to or, God forbid, take it to an all so familiar and downtrodden road. Sadly, as of this moment, I see these guys working towards the latter.
      I am sad to discover what democracy can do to an individual, group and society. For the sake of our beautiful nation I hope our Guardian Deities will continue to protect us with their invisible hands. God save this country!

    2. I fully agree with the above opinion of 14 Aug. The bottom line is indeed to stay united regardless of party affiliations, cast, creed and religion and remain loyal to the King who is the sole uniting factor and symbol of our unity. If we don't have these basics in our lives all other efforts will be a waste..

  2. Our leadership at the helm of business seems to be totally confused. This is too obvious when people with little or no experience take the mantle-ship of governance. India wouldn't take cognizance of the draft XIth FYP since it's not approved by the parliament. Therefore, the XIth FYP is bound to be delayed by another few months.

  3. ah still long way to recovery these guys....I would advice to seek early treatment. losers.

  4. Nepal is in a much better condition...when we talk of the ..big bully brother, and our sovereignty.. though not perfect,,we get bullied as well..!!ho ho surprise !!!.and in times like these we could stand up together with a united voice.....coz hey all the monastaries and people that adorn Bhutan ..are also a part of this himalayan country................
    But less we dont like to give a shit pie what happens to your pledges....and you know the reson why....NOT...letme remind people of the atrocities of Bhutani Government to ppl of Nepali origin........ common now you should not have thrown a part of yourself.....SHAME SHAME..

  5. Nice article...Keep Posting