Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Journey of Hope and Awakening: Day II

On the second day of their trip to Thimphu, the children of Langdhuri had even better day then their first one. They were treated to lunch at the plush Namseling Boutique Hotel, personally attended to by the well-known owner: Aum Lily Wangchuk.

The Children pose with Aum Lily Wangchuk who treated them to lunch at her Namseling Boutique Hotel

Two generous donors donated a set of Gho and Kira/Toego each to the children while some gifted them shoes and socks and writing stationery.

In the afternoon, they saw a movie at the City Mall and met the movie’s cast for autographs. The Pied Piper Chador Wangmo then took them to animation studios for a treat of animated movies, which they loved.

Their evening tea at the Simply Bhutan - a distinctive ethnic eatery at the YDF - was perhaps the best experience. Here they got to meet their most favorite movie stars: Lhaki Dolma, Sonam Choki, Sonam Tenzin and Tandin Bida. The actors posed for photographs with the children; they danced with them and Lhaki Dolma sang for them. After the group photo, the actors were swamped for their autographs.

The children sang three songs for the movie stars - of which one was a pure ethnic khengpa song.

For children who have not seen vehicle roads, I was amazed to learn that they knew every one of the actors!

 Children being treated to evening tea at the chick Simply Bhutan

Group photo with their favorite movie actors

Movie star Lhaki Dolma signing autographs for the children

 The very pretty Sonam Choki signing autographs for her fans from remote Langdhurbi

 Sonam Choki being crowded by her fans for her autograph

 Movie star Sonam Tenzin signing autographs for the children

 Very popular movie star Tandin Bida signs autographs for the children who are her adoring fans

After tea we moved to Hotel Druk where the children were treated to a sumptuous dinner - compliments of the Hotel. The actors sat chatting with the children through out the dinner.

Actress Lhaki Dolma chatting up the kids during dinner time at The Druk

Star Sonam Tenzin at The Druk Hotel with children during dinner time

Movie star Tandin Bida with the children at The Druk, waiting for dinner

For the children it was a dream experience - for me it is my hope that this exposure would have inspired one or two of them to work hard and study hard to achieve what many they have seen have achieved in their lives.

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