Thursday, July 7, 2016

Journey of Hope and Awakening: Day III

The school children from remote Langdhurbi started their third day in Thimphu with a visit to the official residence of Lyonpo Lekey Dorji, Minister of Economic Affairs. Lyonpo Lekey represents the Trong-Bardo constituency to which these children belong. I wasn't around during the visit but  I am sure that the children were happy to have been able to visit the Ministers' Enclave. Even more happier, I am told that they received generous amounts of pocket money and some serious pep talk. In addition, Lyonpo gave the children an inspirational letter each - individually addressed to each one of them. That was a nice touch.

A copy of Lyonpo Lekey's inspirational letter - individually addressed to each children

The children were treated to 5D movie and they had lunch at the Folk Heritage Museum Restaurant at Kawajangsa.

Children having their lunch at the Folk Heritage Museum Restaurant

During the lunch break, they were pleasantly surprised by the visit of their National Council Member Pema Dakpa whom some of the children recognized. The NC Member and his wife handed out a brown envelope each - containing, yet again, generous amounts of cash.

In the evening dinner for the children was hosted by Pedling Hotel.

This morning at 6.30AM I went to the DYS Youth Hostel to bid them goodbye. They go back home today. They will night halt in Gaylephu to-day and tomorrow they will arrive home.

Children all set to return home - they pose before their bus before they start the return journey

A detailed report of this service project by the Rotary Club of Thimphu will be uploaded in the coming days.

This has been a truly fulfilling project. With support from philanthropic donors and supporters, we hope to make this an annual event.


  1. Now they have thousands of reasons to migrate to Thimphu as soon as they can! Life is seemingly so luxurious in Thimphu and that is exactly what they have been shown.

  2. This is a most inspiring and mature project, and the memories will last a lifetime - possibly beyond, in tales to children in decades to come. My congratulations to all sponsors and citizens involved! But the task is by no means over. Thoughtful follow-up can greatly strengthen civil society for the benefit of all. A very focused initiative, Yeshey-la, and focused support from Rotary members. Shows also the power of non-governmental initiatives in empowering people.

  3. Hi Prof.

    Thanks for your comment. As I said in one of the posts, The Rotary Club of Thimphu hopes to do this as an annual event.

  4. You are always the one best person who always inspires deeply through writings and photographs...thanks you so much for the insightful coverage...Thanks you mam, Chado Wangmo too. I wish all the child safe journey back to Langdorbi. I wish they might have seen best part of life and hope to see them carry best of the best values when they grow up to a responsible people.