Saturday, July 9, 2016

Journey of Hope and Awakening: Day IX

At about 4:00 PM yesterday, I was informed from Rindibi, Zhemgang that the 20 children and their escorts reached Rindibi safely. They have decided to spend the night there since it is 7 hours of uphill trek to Langdhurbi. The children were met by their parents at Rindibi. By now they would have reached home and narrating their experiences to their friends and families.

I am finally relieved that everything went off smoothly and without any incidence. I was on tenterhooks until the news that they have reached their area safely. Being monsoon, there was always a chance of some mishap. I had made sure that the escorts keep us updated of their movement because I know that the road of good intentions does not always lead to heaven.

They started their journey for Thimphu on the 1st of July and returned home on the 9th July - full 9 days of excitement.

There were many institutions and individual who made this happen. In the coming days, I will be thanking each of them with a list of activities the children did during their time in Thimphu.


  1. It's really great to know that Langdarbi children had thoroughly enjoyed their stay in Thimphu. I truly commend the hardwork, love and dedication of the entire organizing group: the Rotary Club and Madam Chador. I am sure it was worth the smiles you have managed to put on the faces of those innocent children through this noble initiative. God bless you and the entire organizing group.

  2. Now that the children have seen the wonders of Thimphu, it will be their ambition to migrate to Thimphu. Are you promoting rural-urban migration?

  3. Dear Anon,

    I suspect you are clueless as to what constitute rural-urban migration.