Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Devastation of Bhutan's Most Famous Trek Route: Some Impressive Stats

My posts on the devastation of Bhutan’s most famous trek route drew some serious readership. It is encouraging that there are many out there who care for conservation and the environment. Look at the following statistics:

It terms of hits by country, the following are the numbers - Drups lead by miles - proof that we do care for the environment.

The stats are for July 18, 10 AM to July 19, 9:00 AM.

Bhutan                        1,969
India                              533
United States                 324
Australia                        149
Singapore                      126
Thailand                        114
United Arab Emirates     82
Germany                         76
Malaysia                         69
Nepal                              69

TOTAL                     3,511 visitors

For the same period, the most read blogs were on the following subjects:

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     56  Chasing the Mighty Golden Mahseer
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     46  Devastation of Bhutan’s Most Famous Trek Route

A concerned reader sent me a mail that reads:

Dear Aue Yeshey,

The issue of devastation of the Jomolhari trail has been bothering us, for we value this as one of the most scenic treks in the world. It is truly sad that this wanton destruction happened under the very noses of authorities whose duty it is to uphold Bhutan’s strong conservation ethics.

What can we do now? Personally, it was very disturbing to see the ‘graveyard of trees’ on my recent trek in April. While much havoc has been wreaked, what can we do now? Waste management is a major issue along the trail, everywhere. Maybe we should look at this as an opportunity to make things right - even if it may be a little late.

Are the authorities listening?

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  1. Bhutanese people read. They care, of course. But they don't react. They don't do what needs to be done. They remain as silent majority. This attitude really discouraged me for, the people who are affected hold it against you. People who benefit remain silent and even disappear. It is for this reason that I have stopped making public comments. Maybe someday I will be back. But it is just maybe. I am tired. I have run out of steam.

    So I am very proud that you are holding on. We love this country. Many of us really do. It brings me solace that there are people like you (I know of few others) who are ready to stick their neck out for something - stand for a cause - pursue it regardless. Many lack such guts, or something. But be it known that deep inside they care.

    Keep going, my friend.. Love this country intelligently..