Tuesday, July 19, 2016

State of Bhutan’s Most Famous Trek Trail

One reader forwarded me the following photos. He tells me that the photos were taken during April of this year.

The trail is completely buried in piles upon piles of trees and branches - so much so that it is no longer visible. Why is such a wide clearing of forests needed for the electric posts to run through?

One can see the utter mindlessness with which the BPC carried out the work. They should have had the common sense to consult the Tourism Council of Bhutan - before they planned the work because they would have been aware that they were going to operate within an area that is one of the country’s most important tourist destinations.

As can be seen from the photos, they felled the trees right onto the trail. They did not bother to fell the trees in such a way that they did not hinder traffic  - the trail is buried under piles and piles of trees and branches - so much so that the trial is practically invisible. As you can see the tourists are lost - because it is difficult to see the trail. Fortunately there are no reported accidents so far.

There is an urgent need to do something about this trail - before the trekking season starts. The devastation has been caused - but it may still be not too late to salvage the problem. BPC should be answerable for their mindless act.

The Austrian Government should be requested to undo what has been done with the aid of their money. This should also serve as a lesson to them - that the onus is on them to ensure that their future aid money is used responsibly and not for causing destruction.


  1. The PM is visiting Soe and Lingshi. I hope somebody from TCB is accompanying him. I also hope that he is walking so that he can see things first hand so as to enable him to make an objective judgement. It might be worth requesting the PMO to ensure that he visits the site.

  2. Hello Yeshey. I was able to find original Austrian Development Agency project. They actually were not proposing this. They wanted to built small hydros in Soe and Lingshi instead. One is now wondering how is possible to change the to building of transmission lines... http://www.entwicklung.at/en/themes/projects/detail-en/project/show/contribution-to-rural-electrification-vii-soe-und-lingzhi/