Monday, June 3, 2013

Want to Bet? II

Who wants to bet with me that Druk Nyamrup Tshogpa (DNT) was never intended as a political party but as PDP’s contrivance in its war of attrition against the DPT? Would you give credence to my gut feeling that its defeat in the Primary round was by design - rather than as a result of lack of support from the voters.

Almost all the people I had spoken to and discussed with - prior to voting - agreed that the DNT had much better candidates and that the race would be between them and the DPT. I too believed that to be true.

On 28th evening, I was told by one of my nephews in Geylegphug that his friend who is a candidate-designate for one of the parties told him that it didn’t really mater who won - PDP or DNT - he told him smugly that it was the same thing.

What conclusions can be drawn from such a curious statement? Additionally, what is the idea of a lackluster party Manifesto the DNT put out? Think for yourself.

If what I think is right, the game plan will begin to unravel itself in the coming weeks. Watch closely the lateral movement of candidates from one party to another. In particular lock your oculi on the following nine candidates (some of whom are founding members of the party) of the DNT:

          Achyut Bhandari
          Dorji Choden
          Dr. Lotay Tshering
          Dr. Tandin Dorji
          Jigme Zangpo
          Lekey Dorji
          Norbu Wangchuk
          Sangay Zam
          Tenzin Lekhpell

In particular, the case of Dr. Lotay Tshering is most intriguing - a more in-depth analysis is required on this one.


  1. Truly mindboggling ! To me, this is breaking news. I thought all the talk I had heard about the parties getting together to topple DPT was for the Primary round. Thanx for the glimpse into the complexities of politics...I don't think I want to go any deeper in fear of total disillusionment of the profound.

  2. I too had this feeling and I am finding this whole thing like the presidential campaign of the USA where secretary of the state position was reserved! Well put and lets hope for the best!

  3. if they do jump ship, these 9 DNT candidates, and especially the "founding members" will not only seem opportunistic but also disloyal and disrespectful to their own DNT people. What will become of the party then?

  4. i shud say this people are not going to serve the country but wanted to sell the country

  5. so sad.... literate people also do not understand the democratic situation of the country what to blame people living in eastern Bhutan who has never stepped out of there village and heard about the security threat of the kingdom.............

  6. Interesting that you base your whole allegations on a chance comment by your nephew.

  7. Y dont u go and ask the members of DNT who r to join PDP; what der main reasons are. Wen u talk face to face, u ll know the truth. Der talks might hide but not der eyes............. And what made u so dishearten? Who knows DNT might hv lost in primary round, but these candidates must be the ones who hv won in der constituency.