Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Get Your Facts Right

In all of my posts so far relating to the ongoing elections, I have never given the slightest of indication that I prefer the DPT, over other parties. I have tried to do a fair analysis of things based on facts. However, some have accused me of being a “mouthpiece” of the DPT. I am not one and I am not fool enough to sound like one. But I am a Bhutanese and I am, over and above everything else, concerned about the outcome of the elections that is currently underway.

What I am trying to do is to try and understand what exactly is afoot. I am incensed that the entire top leadership of a party can actually go and abandon a party they have formed; in whose name they have received funds from the state and, based on the faith and trust they placed on these leaders, forty other candidates have joined the party to contest the elections, and lost.

I am reminded, time and again, that the reason why these seven have deserted their own party and joined an opposing party, against whom they have contested the elections in the Primary rounds, is because these seven candidates are “strong” candidates and that they are good for Bhutanese democracy.

Figures tell a different story. Except for Dorji Choden, all the other six candidates have not won in their constituencies. On the contrary, the results show that their voters have rejected them. Thus, how can anyone say that these are “STRONG” candidates?

Additionally, look at the following Comparison Chart. It shows that the PDP candidates whom they have replaced - on the pretext that they are stronger candidates - have actually beaten some of these very DNT candidates.
Kinley Dorji, DNT’s candidate from Radi-Sakteng was actually beaten by the PDP candidate whom he replaces - both in the EVM as well as in the Postal Ballots. Same is the case with DNT’s Panbang candidate - the PDP candidate who he replaces actually beat him in both the EVM as well as the Postal Ballots.

It is no different in the case of the Jumotshangkha-Martshala constituency - the DNT candidate who replaces the PDP candidate got royally trounced by the PDP candidate who has now been unceremoniously shunted out.

The PDP candidate who has been replaced by the DNT candidate from Kanglung-Samkhar-Udzorong actually won in the EVM vote count. Also, in the Bardo-Trong constituency, the PDP candidate who got replaced by the DNT candidate got superior results in the Postal Ballots.

So, what is the reason why some people are trying to misinform the Bhutanese people with falsehood?

Unlike Dorji Choden who had no qualms about declaring on national TV that our Ex-Prime Minister and two Ex-Ministers are liars - I would like to put the facts on the table and let the Bhutanese people decide - who the real liars are and who the stronger candidates are.

If hard facts tell a different story, if the DNT candidates who replaces those in the PDP are not stronger as claimed, then what is the real reason behind why weaker candidates are replacing winning candidates?


  1. Firstly it is ex-PM
    Secondly when you write our Prime Minister...(second last para) do u mean our as in you & I and including DNT and people of Bhutan.

    Just be objective

  2. Hi Anon,
    I stand corrected. It now reads as Ex-PM. My apology -- but you know, habits die hard.

    1. Strong physically tay, u dumb.
      Tho' u point out DNT as liar, y not call DPT liar too. DNT liar by ur article and DPT liar in true sense as the refused to accept the fact, they approached DNT which is the true.
      I won't be able to sleep if I were these people. God knows if they r sleeping at all. Poor guys.

  3. Haha ! when people read objectively to find fault. The words and titles are the casualty of malice.

  4. The decision (defection) by DNT leaders certainly defy logic. What hidden factors could there be for their actions which make no sense.

  5. You are not a allowing comments on your last article "Get Your Facts Right", why?

    So now your colour that your are an "outside circle" dog of DPT is showing. You don't even know what they are upto. Sorry guy.
    You will die in your blind faith, good for you.

    Publish if you dare!!

    Only 2day it worked. Let me check if u will publish.

    Dawa Dorji, Zhemgang.

  6. dear author of the post, you should be glad the only fault the commenter found on your post was your incorrect use of title(s)...not the actual content.

  7. Dear Dawa Dorji of Zhemgang,
    I hope that it will dawn on you that unless I authorize the comment, it will not show up on the blog and, I just returned to Thimphu from a field trip. As you can see, I am as keen as you to publish your comments.

    Or may be you have been hitting the wrong button because I do not understand what you mean: "Only 2day it worked. Let me check if u will publish".

  8. I think you are in the state of denial and if you find difficult to get over it, my advice would be to go and see a psychiatrist