Friday, June 7, 2013

Rumours, Rumours, Rumours II

I had said in my earlier post that the number of DNT candidates who are likely to move to PDP would be about NINE. But after reassessing certain ground realities, I wanted to downsize the number to about SEVEN. But yesterday evening I was told that the number of DNT candidates who may be moving to PDP might be as high as FOURTEEN! That would be preposterous. I do not believe that.

Even the DPT that is perceived to be a party that supposedly set store by superior moral and ethical standards seems to be wavering in uncertainty. There have been media reports - alleging that the party (DPT) has approached Tenzin Lekhpell and Norbu Wangchuk of the DNT to join the party. Mrs. Dorji Choden has also been categorical that she too received repeated offers from some parties. There is also a strong rumour that a candidate of a fallen party may replace DPT's Phuentsholing candidate.

As of this writing, the DPT high Command has not issued a denial of the media reports. So, is the DPT in the game too? - of switching candidates? I did not think so. And yet, someone yesterday evening told me, over a cup of tea that in politics, everything is fair game.

Really? Isn’t politics possible - even with just a bit of morality and ethics and decency?

Very few seem to have an understanding of the darker side of shuffling candidates at will. Politicians seem to ignore the fact that they are not engaged in a game of Chess. There are a whole host of issues involved.

Some people tell me that switching candidates is good - that it will strengthen parliamentary representation. But what of the path that gets strewn with human carcasses on their journey towards the august hall of the great Parliament? What of the weakened morality and human values?

There are those of you who remind us that there is a need to give others a chance. Please remember that not even God can give anyone a chance - unless his or her day has arrived.


  1. I just hope the rumour that DPT is considering substituting is not true. In this period of our history, DPT is the epitome of political ethics; of moral and ethical conduct particularly in their objective to lay a strong democratic foundation. I don't see any principle(s) that the party can invoke to justify this action for its country and people.

  2. Yeshey sir,

    Your last para says it all. So there is no point worrying our tiny brain(mine)over which even God has no control.Exactly,let the day come!!


  3. haha YD's ears all upright and tight with rumours. My observation- Human Values seemed to have gone to dogs in politics!


  4. It would be better if both the parties, DPT and DNT approach each other and talk in Media about the issue and resolve before the next election round. It is of no use confusing the citizens whereabout who told what to whom. It's a nation's concern to bring out a successful party to run the country.