Thursday, June 6, 2013

Rumours, Rumours, Rumours

Mildly whacky to outright bizarre rumours are doing the rounds - the most incredible being that Dorji Choden, President of the fallen Druk Nyamrup Tshogpa is joining PDP. Although I had said that DNT is a party created by the PDP in an effort to beat the DPT, and yet, somehow the thought that a President of a Party can actually desert her own party to join another one seems totally incredible. In fact it is scandalous! We will wait and see. 

But no less laughable is the rumour being deliberately floated by one DNT candidate that the DPT leadership has approached him to join the party. It is quite absurd that a victorious party should actually approach a losing candidate to join the party - particularly when their own candidate in that constituency has trounced every other contender. However, I think I can understand the reason why putting out such a rumour can help them.

The DPT leadership must be aware that their reputation and image has taken a beating - as a result of eleven substitutions they made. Rumblings are rife in the market place that the party has not acted as one with Tha-Damsi. For the DPT to contemplate any change in their candidates at this stage would be suicidal. They will be playing right into the hands of the Opposition.

Rumour also has it that Jigme Zangpo has joined PDP.

The most credible rumour: that H E Lyonpo Sangay Ngedup is rejoining the party. If that is true - the challenge to DPT will be raised to a completely different level.

One another rumour that is doing the rounds is that Dr. Lotey Tshering is finally throwing in his towel and headed for Bangladesh where he has been offered employment at an astronomical remuneration. In my view, quite bogus! Damn - this Dr. Lotay issue is fascinating! This one deserves comprehensive and in-depth analysis.


  1. I wish most of the rumours you have cited above turn out to be true.

    I wish if Aum Dorji Choden has truly joined PDP. After all, what is the use of the President when the Party itself is defeated. She's like a king of a country which has just been overrun by enemies. No country. No king.

    I also wish the rumour of Dasho Jigme Zangpo joining PDP is true. This is the one and only chance for him to serve in politics. By 2018, he will have crossed the age limit.

    Believe in the rumours floating around. After all we are talking about politics and the politicians. There will be lots more surprises!

  2. How came Yeshey sir, you became quite a romour monger?


  3. Always amusing to go through your posts. This one is equally interesting - all those rumors. Keep blogging acho!

  4. Dear Yeshey, Besides the rumours, have you really thought of ECB's rule on candidate substitution During the Primary round, the candidate designate could not even appoint Demkhong, geog and chiwog coordinators if they were not registered with the Parties on or before the submission of Letter of Intent(LOI). Many of the party workers who were registered after the LOI could not work for the parties. The situation was so bad that nearly all the parties could not appoint observers at the polling stations as well as the counting centers as they were not registered at the time of LOI. On one hand the ECB follows this and now the logic of allowing unregistered members of the party to stand as replaced candidates is shocking. You may want to research on this further.

  5. I hope the rumours are not true especially the first one. It would be like the Captain deserting his ship. Swapping or substituting candidates from another party certainly does not contribute towards building a strong foundation for democracy. This precedent should not be set particularly in terms of principles and ideologies. Just imagine a future where politicians would concentrate on horse trading rather than looking at what is best for the country. What DPT lost in the primaries could be considered as a natural weeding out.