Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Royal Textile Academy Building

The swanky Royal Textile Academy building in Chubachu will be inaugurated today at 08.30AM. The recently completed building is perhaps the most well built structure in modern Bhutan. I simply love the paintwork and color scheme on the building.

In celebration of the inauguration, a fashion show titled “Window to Woven Dreams” has been planned for the 6th June, 2013 at 07.30PM.

In conjunction with the opening of the building, my photographic work titled “THAGZO: The Textile Weaves of Bhutan” published by the RTA will also be released.

The book contains photos of some of the rarest collection of Bhutanese textiles - some of which have never been on public display before.

The following is a close up shot of one of the many beautiful Kiras featured in the book. The Kira will be on display in the Exhibition Hall of the Academy.

The book will be available for purchase from the RTA's in-house Gift Shop located within the building and also through some select book stores in town.

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  1. The building looks more striking in your photograph than it looks when I pass by. In fact I walked by this morning and I thought there is still plenty to be done to clean up and beautify the place.