Sunday, June 2, 2013

Want to Bet?

I just returned to Thimphu after having performed my duty to myself, my country and to the future generations of Bhutanese - I cast my vote. I am relieved that the Primary round is finally over.

I should rejoice but the result is so unexpected that I am overwhelmed with a sense of foreboding. Something is not quite right - and my mind has been whirring in all directions like a top gone out of control.

I have drawn a few conclusions - all of them pretty outlandish and rather bizarre and yet, very plausible. But to put them all in words will take a while. So, for the moment, since I see that currently there are 59 readers logged on to my Blog, I want to leave you with a teaser:

Who wants to bet with me that atleast nine (9) PDP candidates who participated in the Primary round will find themselves out in the cold - and that a large number of them will be replaced by candidates of the supposedly "fallen" Druk Nyamrup Tshogpa?

Welcome to the world of dirty politics!


  1. "A candidate-designate may be allowed to be substituted by another registered member of a political party if the current candidate-designate has died or is unable to contest due to physical incapacitation" - ECB. Looks likes there will be blood.

  2. I cannot say 9,but atleast the candidates from Mongar and Trong,Zhemgang should be replaced for the good of the party

  3. Why is it so difficult to imagine that that will happen? A good candidate will be good for the constituency no matter which party he or she is registered with. Would you rather that people vote for a party even if the worst candidate stands for election from that party? That is plain stupid and ignorant, wouldn't you say? Our voters must wisen up and choose capable candidates to the NA so that our legislations are smart, and that our politicians can serve us intelligently.

  4. Am nonplussed to say the is it possible in every sense...??

  5. Politics will always remain a politics sirji, wherever it is! While some bits are dirty, other bits can be clean - two sides of the coin, right!

  6. sir why is it hard for you to accept that they formed a party ,they lost and they joined another one ..there is no dirty politics involved just few people trying to do their besty and grab every oppurtunity they can