Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Beautiful Birds

Here is again another post that is not political or election related. I am adamant to show that this country is worth protecting. Look at some of the beautiful birds that are found in Bhutan. We are home to about 800 bird species - some of them endemic and some of them critically endangered. This number is said to be more than the total number of bird species found in the US and Canada.

The photo posted below is that of Ashy Drongo (Dicrurus leucophaeus). Although  a very common bird, it has found its place on my Blog because of the quality of the photo. As you can see - back-lighting is apparent and yet, I have managed to control the exposure so well that the feather details of the bird have been captured remarkably well. I hope that my readers who understand photography is as appreciative as I am of the difficulties of getting a photo this good - given the lighting condition :)

(To enlarge the images, please double click on one of the images)

The next photo below is that of Yellow-bellied Flowerpecker (Dicaeum melanoxanthum) - an extremely cute little bird. Not many would have noticed this bird. I am posting this image not only because it is a cute bird and difficult to see for most, I am posting it beucase this too has been a difficult shoot - for the same reason I explained above - back-lighting. But despite all that, the photo is still as good as it can get.

The photo of the beautiful Wedge-tailed Green Pigeon (Treron sphenura) definitely merits a place on my Blog. It is a very pretty bird. I particularly love its delicate colors. This is a common bird too and yet, not many would have noticed them.

The last photo is that of the Asian version of American Humming bird - it is called Green-tailed Sunbird (Aethopyga nipalensis). It belongs to the Sunbird family. This is also a common bird - they are extremely pretty and I love their strong metallic colors that are difficult to photograph.


  1. Aue,
    A suggestion ... or rather a request to you for your consideration ... could u plz place your name on the sides/corners in ur pictures? With ur name embossed on the objects of your passion it is, in my opinion, a blemish to the otherwise great pictures.

  2. Hi Anon,
    It is is done on purpose :)-

    The reason is that it will, hopefully, prevent people from downloading the photos and use them without my authorization.

  3. Isn't the sunbird a "Green tailed sunbird", not a Mrs. Gould's?

  4. Hi Thinley,
    I think you may be right - it could be Green-tailed Sunbird. Lets see if any other birders/bird guides has an opinion.

  5. Auo Yeshey,

    I have moved into photography for quite sometime now but I mostly do Macro Photography. I was wondering if you used Macro Twin lite 14 MR-EX. I tried to used it, attached to my 100mm macro lens but have not been able to increase shutter speed beyond 1/250. I tried to look at available manuals but have not been successful. Will you help me on this please.
    On the other note, do you crop your bird picture? and what software do you use to post process your photos?

    Your help on this shall highly bee appreciated.

    Sangay Wangchuk

  6. I believe the last bird is " Green Tailed Sunbird" and not "Mrs. Gould's Sunbird" .......confirm on that.....

  7. OK Anon .... two against one ... I changed it to Green-tailed Sunbird

  8. Good Boi sit dumb ! lol

    E...........p ...............o......c..........h