Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Is Proof Needed?

Even while the people of Bhutan are still reeling under the trauma of the discovery that some of their chosen candidates are nothing more than accomplices in a game of sham and deceit, we are told that concrete proof of the collusion between the DNT and the PDP has now been submitted to the ECB - in the form of a audio recording of one of the PDP candidates’ public admission of such a collusion.

To add to the drama, I am told that the DPT has now filed a case with the ECB - asking that action be taken against the said candidate and the party.

This is not good. What further proof do we need? Actions speak louder than words and the fact that the entire top leadership of the DNT, including some of their founding members, moved to the PDP is confirmation beyond a shred of doubt that there is collusion - either at the leadership level or at the party level. Either way, it is too late in the day to make an issue of it. We need to put all this behind us and move forward. The ECB is the regulatory authority and, whether they will do their job or not, whether their rules in place allow them to act in a certain manner or not, we need to concentrate on completing the elections. For, every day of delay costs the country dearly.

The DPT needs to rise above such pettiness and focus on its campaign. Get the message out - prove that it is the superior party that it claims to be. Remember that, time and again, the Bhutanese people have proven to be wise and smart. They know.

It would not be such a great victory for the DPT - should the ECB disqualify Norbu Wangchuk - based on their incessant heckling. Instead, the taste of victory would be so much sweeter - if the people were given the chance to show what they really think of such behavior from their politicians.

I am for quickly wrapping up this election and moving on with life. I am not interested in prolonging this - I write on the issue as a matter of historical record - so that future generations may read and understand how our democracy was shaped and who were the players who steered the course of our democracy - in a given direction.

Years from now, when people read of what nefarious plans have been hatched to fight and win elections, they will know that if the people of our generation have been lacking in ethics and morality, we certainly did not suffer from lack of craft and guile!


  1. Coming from you, this is a much needed fresh air, replete with wisdom :). This is by far your most "unbiased" article on the current election. Thanks. The birds await your kind and unwavering attention.

    1. You have put it well, too, Kencho. So, you also do know how to say something complimentary every once in a while.

  2. I disagree. Yours is an idealistic view to brush aside the wrong and move on, but we cannot afford to do that as already much wrongdoing are being ignored, and undesirable information being permitted to float around. What DPT did is right not so much to disqualify the candidate concerned but to right a wrong; place it on record that such a wrong was committed, and like you say, for future generations to understand.

  3. My god!! so wat if they infact did plan it? does it change the fact the Dpt has been in all sorts of corruption cases.I mean even if they did plan the whole thing does it change the fact that the country might need some changes.i mean wat is so wrong in coming together and finding a good way forward. I mean wat are u trying to proove here.You say u not DPT supporter then y so ? I mean y lead to people suspecting one thing or another and all those things .Just cast ur vote and thts it

  4. POLITICS IS THE NAME OF THE GAME. Continue watching. Many things will unfold.