Thursday, June 20, 2013

Two Interesting Comments

Since I do not have the time to write an article this morning, I am going to post two comments made by two different readers on two of my most recent posts:

One wrote:
“Coming from you, this is a much needed fresh air, replete with wisdom :). This is by far your most "unbiased" article on the current election”.

The above comment was posted on my article titled “Is Proof Needed?”. As you can see, my article was critical of the DPT. The reader seems to appreciate this article and even goes as far as to say that it is “replete with wisdom”. He/she calls it “unbiased”. In other words, what the reader means is that any article that I write on my blog that is unfavorable to the DPT is a good article and is like a “much needed fresh air”. What this means is that anything I write good about DPT is biased and bad!

Another reader commented thus (on my post titled "A political Coupe Without Parallel!":
“What we really need are smart, dedicated, and honest politicians that will take our country far through a governance delivery mechanism that is truly fair and equitable”.

This is a reader after my own heart. Like him I too am for “smart, dedicated, and honest politicians”. We certainly need our politicians to posses these fine qualities. This is precisely the point I have been trying to make through my recent posts, which were prompted by a sense of disgust that I feel at the DNT leaders and founders deserting their own party to join an opposing party against whom they made a show of contesting - in the Primary round.

They were not “smart” to assume that the Bhutanese people were so dumb as to not see their game plan.

They were far from being “dedicated” when they deserted the party they formed and led. They were even less so when they abandoned the rest of the party members - to join another party in order that they can still remain in the race - while the rest of the brood was left in the lurch - without leadership or direction.

They were not “honest” when they mislead the whole nation into believing that they stood for a cause and ideology that is distinct from others. They were not being honest when they claimed that they were a party that is separate from all others. They were not being honest when they said that they were stronger candidates than others whom they replaced - when they were not. Of the seven, six of them were beaten by candidates of other parties. In fact, three of them were royally trounced by the same candidates of the PDP whom they ousted - on the pretext that they were stronger.

Whole lot of people argue with me that it is OK for these seven from the DNT to gang up with the PDP - because they opine that it will make our democracy so much more stronger.

One question these detractors have yet to answer me, convincingly, is: If that were true, why didn’t these seven join the PDP before the Primary? Why after?

Think about it!


  1. Very analytical post you have written sir. I quoted some parts of your post in my blog (
    Loking forward for reading more posts from you on politics.

  2. If PDP thinks they can get away with their 7 drawfs on pretex of strengthing democracy. Well it sure did on a very dishonest footing.

  3. "why didn’t these seven join the PDP before the Primary? Why after?" Who will know that which party will go into general and provide the opportunity to contest for NA seat? So it is their selfless desire to represent their people and serve them to make their life better that push this candidates to join PDP despite all these biased and illogical accusations from people like you. All rational people understand that it is neither desertion of candidates for personal benefit nor coalition between the parties(coalition is when two elected party join together to form and alliance)but selfless sacrifice for the people they represent and the country.