Sunday, September 10, 2017

Trendy Sand Buckets For The Sake of The Environment

I am quite unwilling to believe that we can repair the destruction we have already caused to our environment. But certainly I believe that we can halt it from further ruin. For that reason, for the past over a decade, I have stopped using toilet paper – I use water – it is more hygienic, it is good for the environment and, more importantly, it doesn't burn a hole in your pocket.

To reduce the proliferation of harmful plastics, I never accept a plastic bag when I go shopping – I gather up all my merchandise in my arms and carry it off to my car. It is not much, but that is still one plastic bag less for the landfill. Each of us has a responsibility to act mindfully, to care for the environment that is getting sicker by the year. We need to talk less of environment and do more for its protection.

I have a trek coming up in the next few days. One item that caused me considerable bit of worry and exasperation was the matter concerning a sand bucket that I needed - for use in the toilet tent to hold sand/earth. I just didn't want to use a plastic pail. I didn't have an answer to my problem - until I thought of Clean Bhutan.

I had seen that Clean Bhutan was into salvaging discarded empty plastic packets of chips, milk powder etc. out of which they produced bags and a variety of colorful containers and boxes. I went over to their office to speak with Nedup, and to ask if he would organize the weaving of few pcs. of containers for me. My specifications were simple - they should be sturdy enough to stand upright and hold sand/earth, but supple enough that I can fold them to be stuffed into Zems. Three days later, I had three pcs. of multi-colored containers fashioned out of waste plastic wrappings.

 Trendy & colorful. Sand buckets fashioned out of discarded plastic wrappings

Sturdy enough to stand upright and hold sand/soil, and yet supple enough to be folded and stuffed into Zems

I dare say that this is a trendy way of contributing to the cause of the environment.