Thursday, February 17, 2011

Buddha Statue At Kuenselphodrang

Today I was supposed to be already in Gasa on my way to Laya and Masagang Basecamp. But Dochu-La pass was closed this morning due to heavy snow yesterday night. So I had to postpone my trip to tomorrow.
The following photo of the Buddha statue at Kuenselphodrang was photographed this morning. The image was shrouded in the early morning mist rising from the valley below - making the image look even more serene and compassionate.


  1. is this the one being built in thimpu a couple of years ago?

    i never thought of seeing a buddha image with plenty of trees around.

  2. wow, great shot as usual..
    it looks like Buddha descending from heaven and preparing to make his way to Kuenselphodrang...

  3. That is amazing! The statue looks like it's risen from the haze, fog, fairy land...

  4. Hi All,

    Thanks for the comments. I am now back from my trek to Masagang base camp and the base of the Great Tiger Mountain - Gangchen Taag.

    arcibaldo, yes that is that same one - it is nearing completion and as you can see, the Buddha is turning out to be incredibly serene and majestic!

  5. ah something to look forward to should i find myself visiting bhutan again