Tuesday, October 25, 2011

United Nations or United Ostriches?

Mr. Muammar Gaddafi is dead. Good riddance! There is a saying … he who lives by the gun, dies by the gun. He was a horrendously evil man and he deserved to go as he did. So, let us bundle him up, wrap him in rags, sprinkle camel piss over his lifeless body and bury him 10,000 miles deep into the sandy desert so that, if he should resurrect, it would take him a few millennium to resurface on the face of this earth.

Hang on, not so fast! The Human Rights Office of the UN wants to intervene. They want an investigation into his death. In their words; "More details are needed to ascertain whether he was killed in some form of fighting or was executed after his capture".

Oh really? Why is Mr. Muammar Gaddafi singled out for special treatment by the UN agency? What is so different or special about Mr. Muammar Gaddafi? Mr. Osama bin Laden was murdered in Pakistan (something that I still do not believe is the real truth) by the American soldiers and, supposedly, his body was thrown into the bottom of the sea – to serve as shark feed. The sentence of Mr. Saddam Hussein’s “death by hanging” was pronounced at Camp Cropper, an American controlled holding facility. Mr. Saddam Hussein’s hanging was carried out in the most humiliating manner – he was taunted till the end and an unauthorized mobile phone recording showed him falling through the trap door of the gallows.

Like ostriches, the moral eagles at the UNCHR stuck their heads into the sand and made no noise while all that was happening to lesser evils like Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein. Why are they doing so now? The answer is: Double standards!

The UNCHR has a habit of putting their feet in their mouths – every time they open them. If you recall, the whole Southern Bhutan problem spiraled out of control because of their thoughtless and wrongful intervention. In part, the exodus of people from the South into the Nepal camps was caused by the false sense of security and encouragement provided by the UNCHR and their hasty and misguided support.

The world seems to be going a little mad in recent years. Are there some cosmic realignment happening up in the heavens that is causing such numerous natural calamities all around the world? Is the proper functioning of the human mind being affected, as a result? Can the madness of some of our MPs wanting to break a law and build the Gorgan-Shingkhar farm road across the alpine wilderness be explained by these unseen forces at play?

I spoke to one of the MPs of the ruling party on the matter concerning this crazy idea of a farm road. He agrees that he is at times dumb founded. He believes that there are unseen forces at play that seems to be directing the hand of the government into doing things that is designed to deliver victory on a platter – to the Opposition party, in the next elections.

Is this madness or what?


  1. It is quite disturbing to read about the horrifying last moments of Gaddafi. You cannot imagine how people can be so cruel. I don’t understand why the UN wants an inquiry when they, along with the whole world, would have seen how Gaddafi died. Anyways, to get back to your article, you had so much information and I liked the way you got them together to get to your pet peeve Gorgan-Shingkhar road construction. Believe me, there is a divine intervention in everything that happens, even in death. Anon.

  2. This question has been plaguing me too. Is the UNCHR really for human rights or just SELECTIVE human rights? Otherwise I cannot understand their silence on the death of Osama Bin Laden.
    I say first investigate the death of OBL and when the world is satisfied, then they can pressurize the poor people of Libya who have finally liberated themselves.

    Does the UNCHR want to corner the Libyans and keep them occupied with answering charges in order to keep them from rebuilding their nation and sovereignity?

    Or is it that the UNCHR rules/laws are only for the LDCs and weak countries but not for the likes of the US etc. If so, either we demand for equal application of rules or deregister enmasse from the UN.

  3. First the west wanted to remove Gaddafi by all means, so much so that NATO went much beyond their authorised mandate by bombing Gaddafis forces. Now after he has been murdered in cold blood, they now want an inquiry, what the hell is this!

  4. The death of Gaddafi is not so much an issue. The issue is why the whole of West and EU suddenly branded him as an evil guy, suddenly after such a long time of him being there. The answer, if you open your eyes to international relations, might be there.
    Please do not project your birdbrain analysis to the world this way. It is embarrassing.
    Regarding the southern Bhutan UNHCR issue, I totally agree with you. It is Ogata's brain child after failing in other works.
    The farm road. by the way, I have walked that way, and I think is a welcome development.