Thursday, September 6, 2012


I was amazed to read today's (6th September, 2012) Kuensel’s front page report headlined “Is this a case of conflict of interest?”

The article starts off with; “With the ACC investigations into the Gyalpoizhing land case now with the office of the attorney general (OAG), questions are being raised on whether it can, as the advisor and legal representative of the government, also prosecute the government”.

Have I entirely misunderstood the matter concerning the case revolving around the allocation of land in Gyalpoizhing? I was under the impression that the investigation pertained to certain persons being allotted land where they were not entitled to; that the Dzongkhag Committee exceeded their mandate in allotting land to those people, among a number of other allegations.

Since when did the present government become a respondent to the Gyalpoizhing land case? What are the allegations against the government on the basis of which it now has to face prosecution?

Is this a deliberate attempt on the part of the national daily to mislead the Bhutanese people?

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  1. Dear Sir,

    Tecnically I completely agree with you but practically I think the predicament is right. The AG is an appointee of the Prime Minister. How can he fight a case against someone who appointed him? Don't you think this will hamper a fair trial?

    Thank you.