Monday, November 19, 2012

Success of a Different Kind

Regardless of the fact that my last fishing trip to Punakha was not a successful one in that I did not land a single fish, I am still a happy man because every one around me noted that I was not disheartened by my obvious lack of success at catching even a single fish. Every one saw that I was relentless and single minded in my determination. That is what counts; that I give my best to whatever I set out to do. It is not my fault that the fish weren't taking my baits, but no one may blame me for my lack of tenacity. I crisscrossed the Puna Phochu a dozen times. I did not lose heart and despite my failure, I continued to thrash the icy cold river every day, for seven days, until my arms were going to come undone from their sockets.

On the 9th day of the trip, I had to come back home and attend to my work. And come back I did - happy in the knowledge that the river will still be flowing in the same place next year and the year after the next and the next. Thus, there will be other opportunities. I intend to make a go at it once again - next year and the next and the next. But for now, I am happy for the opportunity to fish one of the best rivers in Bhutan.

But failure to catch even a single fish is only half the story. The bigger and more rewarding story is that I got to photograph a huge variety of moths and bugs. I had never before seen so many variety of moths. In fact some of them definitely looked bizarre and almost alien to me. Judge for yourselves.

So what if I didn't catch a single fish? I am, first and foremost, a photographer and, you will have to admit that I managed to photograph some seriously gorgeous looking creepies and crawlies.


  1. Hi ! Thanx for sharing the unusual pics. I saw a batman like (pic #2); vampirish one (#4) and a real elegant one (the last one). Things do have a way of working out especially when one has a positive attitude like you had. Anon.

  2. Interesting pictures; will definitely ask my entomologist friend if he has a clue (for my own sake), 'coz I've none (^__^)

    1. Hi Lakey,

      That would be great! Please let me know too ... should your friend be able to ID them

  3. Tsk tsk grapes are sour – “So what if I didn't catch a single fish?” :P. Your story of futile fishing reminds me of Hemingway Old Man and The Sea”. Where the old guy goes out to the sea hoping to catch one fish every day and returns home empty handed. But finally he catches an enormous fish only to be attacked by sharks and only the carcasses reaches home to show off to other fisher man his catch was obvious and big.-“You did not kill the fish only to keep alive and to sell for food, he thought. You killed him for pride".
    Thank God we need not have to kill stars, moon or sun. Imagine if each day a man must try to kill the moon. The moon runs away. ( Old Man and The Sea )
    Beautiful moths! Thought months are always ugly


  4. Epoch,

    Thanks for the comments. Yes indeed some of them are stunning!