Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The Soldiers’ Logic

This morning I had to visit the Royal Bhutan Army (RBA) Headquarters in Lungtenphu, to apply for trekking permit for a trekking group wanting to trek in the Jumolhari basecamp area.

Now, I pride myself as a thinking man. Thus, regardless of how difficult or choked a parking space may be, or how constrained I am for time, I make sure that I park my car - head out. This is what I did this morning at the RBA parking: parked my car - head out.

As I was walking away from my car, a Johnny - obviously the parking attendant - walked up to me and asked that I park my car - head in. I said why??? He said because that is how it is required to be done in the RBA parking lot.

All cars must be parked - head in!

I pulled the Johnny aside and explained to him my logic and the merit of parking ones car - head out. I explained to him that if there is an emergency or if there is a fire or an earthquake and buildings are crumbling all around me, first thing I need to do is to pull out of the area in a jiffy. I can do so if my car is parked - head out. I told him that if I park my car head in, I will not be able to get out pronto because backing the car out of the parking lot requires me to drive the car backward and forward few times, before I can get out.

I asked him to give me his side of the logic as to why the RBA requires visitors to park their cars - head in. He explained to me that it has been the RBA’s experience that not many drivers are skilled at parking their cars - head out. Thus, in fairness to those poor unskilled drivers, the RBA has decided to impose this standardized rule that requires every one to park their cars - head in. I was nonplussed! But I know one does not reason with soldiers - so I turned my car and re-parked it - head in.

Dremtoen! Soldiers, how about some tactical thinking?


  1. Ha! At least he tried to manufacture a bit of logic to support the rule. That's some show of respect to you. Don't expect tactical thinking from this crowd, it's a bit too much! Cute story.

  2. lol...I will certainly fall into the category of those poor unskilled drivers who would have to park head-in; I imagine you left the soldier quite nonplussed....:-)

  3. So in the end you parked your car head in. Tactically thinking you wasted a lot of your time. What for? ??

  4. If at all there was a fire or an earthquake or any emergencies, Tactically Thinking, would you not look out for others and try to render every assistance to the needy, wounded or injured in the vicinity rather than conveniently rushing to your car and zooming off??