Tuesday, March 31, 2015

‘Not a Single Neighbour That India Doesn't Have a Problem With': National Security Advisor of India Mr. Ajit Doval

Recently our firebrand Blogger Wangcha Sangey of Haa posted a withering article that supposes a number of assumptions behind the abrupt stoppage of the construction of a number of critically important roads in the Southern parts of the country.


I agree with all of the points raised in that article. Given India’s monumental paranoia about China, the road connectivity to Samtse is bound to be perceived as a threat to India’s security. Until India sheds her inferiority complex in relation to China and learns to have faith in her own greatness, Bhutan will continue to suffer.

Samtse’s proximity to the “chicken-neck” area at the tri-junction of Tibet, Sikkim and Bhutan, is its undoing. It is also for this reason that India will never do the Amochu Hydropower Project - in India’s view the proposed project has two problems with it: it is too close to the "chicken-neck" area and, of all the hydropower projects that have been planned and executed so far, the Amochu Hydropower Project will be the most profitable for Bhutan and that, fellow Drups, is not in the scheme of India’s long term strategy.

Take a look at the following map to understand and sympathize with India and why she behaves the way she does - at the possibility of a all-season highway reaching Samtse.

Mr. Wangcha Sangey of Haa needs to think on another issue that bewilders me. I can understand India’s paranoia concerning the road that leads up to the chicken-neck areas. But what is India’s interest in the Shingkhar-Gorgan highway?

I am told that recently DANTAK and RGoB officials numbering close to 20 people, led by the Secretary of the Ministry of Works and Human Settlement, visited Shingkhar in Bumthang to survey the areas. It is my belief that it has to do with the reported resumption of the construction of the infamous Shingkhar-Gorgan highway. I had reported about a similar survey conducted by DANTAK from Gorgan side, in conjunction with the CDCL people – read my post “Where In The Name of DANTAK Is This Road? – II” dated November 14, 2014:

Our Prime Minister recently returned from USA with promises of millions of dollars based on our commitment to conserve and preserve our environment. The Shingakhar-Gorgan highway is a meaningless road, does not benefit the Bhutanese people in any way and will cause huge environmental disaster. As far as Bhutan is concerned, this highway is NOT needed and its construction goes against every law and has the potential to cause grave damage to our reputation as a champion of environmental conservation. How will Bhutan justify to partners around the world - why an environmentally disastrous road that cuts through a national park and has no social or economic benefit to the Bhutanese people, is a useful and necessary endeavor? Is this the way we demonstrate our commitment to environmental stewardship, in whose cause we seek funding from the world community?


  1. This PDP government is hell bent on selling the sovereignty of Bhutan. Looks like it does everything that New Delhi dictates, even if it is against the national interest of Bhutan. Look at the recent developments, ousting of govt secretaries, stoppage of sothern highways and not being a member of Chinese-led Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB). Its for everyone to see who is taking all these decisions on behalf of the RGOB.

    1. Rejecting the AIIB offer was the greatest injustice done to the nation . future generations and nation's history will not forive us. It is a sad day

  2. It is quite evident we lack long term vision and priorities seem to be constantly shifting. At this rate which way are we heading for and how long are we going to be dictated by outside world to choose our national priorities. Southern hinghways was unquestionably a topmost priority and now that is gone with the wind...this is really sad and how pathetic we look to the outside world

  3. Why do our leaders do everything to please our big brother - India. When I raised the issue with some of our politicians they staunchly count on India as a true friend. They say that without India, Bhutan would not be able to stand on its own feet. I wasn't surprised to hear that from them. Probably they were following the party line or may be they have been made to believe that way for some reasons. The issue never was about severing ties with India but rather developing good relations with other countries especially with our northern neighbour. But at the behest of India, our government is ignoring China. I think this does not bode well for the future of our country. China is a power that nobody ignores...not even USA and Europeans nations. As the 2nd biggest largest economy in the world, there is so much to gain by having good relation with China.I think when it comes to pursuing independent foreign policy, Bhutan could learn from Nepal. How many times have we heard from our leaders that ''India and Bhutan are true friends..unique friendship...blah blah.." Someone wise (I think it was Henry Kissinger, American Secretary of State) who once said that a country has no permanent friends or permanent enemies, it only has permanent interests.

  4. India removes our top beurocrats the three secretaries.
    India doesnt allow us to build roads in our own land.
    India doesn't allow us to build relationships with any country we want.
    India doesn't allow us to invite any other donors in most area.
    India wants to bully us and control us in every ways.
    India controls our top leaderships. That is why they directly command our top leadership and then the command comes down to the concerned agencies as though it is our own government mind change.
    I am not surprised though because that is why India does and that is why No Neighbor of India likes India.
    But I am sad our own Bhutanese Government is selling our sovereinity to India.
    I am sad that Bhutanese are not standing up to fight against the Government who is selling our country to India.
    Bhutanese can't afford to be complacent any more.
    Bhutanese should stand up and go the streets and protest against this government.
    Bhutanese should topple this government.

    1. Please do not be carried away. When we face the harsh and unpleasant realities of life our heart tends to overtake the head and thats dangerous and counter prodcutive.

  5. I am glad to tumble upon this blog and to know your mentioning of mr Sangey and also AIIB- asa Chinese, China is not a friend yet and certainly no enemy - wishing you the best