Sunday, January 22, 2017


Once again the Rotary Club of Thimphu is happy to inform of the announcement of the Rotary Peace Fellowship for 2018. Please obtain further information from the following links:

The Application

Please use the following resources, in the application process:

Information on eligibility requirements:

The steps to completing the application:

10 January, 09:00-09:30

Applying for Rotary Peace Fellowship 
Applying for the Rotary Peace Fellowship: Tips From Current Fellows
24 January, 09:00-09:30

How to strengthen your application
7 February, 09:00-09:30

Aspiring applicants have until 31 APRIL, 2017 to submit applications to:

          The Rotary Club of Thimphu
          RSPN Building
          Below WWF/Ministry of Health office

          Telephone    :    02 323242
          Mobile         :    77190182
          eMail           :
          Website        :

Please read through the materials available at the above links - to understand the process of application. Please ensure that your application is with us by the dateline so that we may forward the same to the District, for onward submission to the RI in the US.

If you need help with navigating through the application process, please talk to Ms. Pem Chuki Wangdi at her following email address. Pem is a Rotary scholar and a recipient of the Rotary Peace Fellowship so she understands. She has volunteered to help out. She can be reached at:

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