Saturday, March 31, 2018

SkyHydrant Water Filters For Every School in Bhutan

In traditional Bhutan, every mother of a newborn used to be fed water to re-condition her body from the ravages of childbirth. Every newborn began life on this earth by being cleansed by water - a ritual known as Lhabtsang Thruesey.

But in modern Bhutan, our challenge is that our waters may no longer be safe for Lhabtsang Thruesey or to recondition a child-birth ravaged woman’s body. Our water bodies have been subjected to all sorts of defilement, caused by modernity and the environmental ruin it brings to our natural habitat. Our waters are no longer clean or safe for drinking. But clean and safe water is critical to healthy growth of children.

The Rotary Club of Thimphu understands the multiple benefits of providing safe drinking water to children – the direct benefit is that it helps improve school attendance – but the greater benefit that is not immediately visible is that healthy children contribute to reduction is health related costs to the nation. Bhutan provides free health care – thus if we are able to curb water related diseases among children, it will translate into huge savings for the government.

In the last few months we have been partnering with Disaster Aid Australia (DAA) in providing water filters to schools across the country. We have already installed 6 units of the innovative water filters manufactured in Australia called SkyHydrant filters. On 24th of this month we received additional 4 units of these filters for installation in the following schools:

1.  Damphu CS
2.  Kabesa CS
3.  Phuntshopelri PS
4.  BAAF sports ground in Lungtenzampa.

During a simple ceremony, these filters were handed over to the Ministry of Education, yesterday.

 The Education Secretary receives the DAA's donation of SkyHydrant water filters draped in ceremonial scarves, from Rtn. S. T. Dorji, Honorary Member of the Rotary Club of Thimphu.

  Officials of the School Health and Nutrition Division, Ministry of Education, pose with the SkyHydrant water filters

The Disaster Aid Australia has committed to raise funds to supply 120 of these filters over the next two years. Their aim is to reach water filters to every school in the Kingdom. It is an extremely challenging endeavor but as the CEO of Disaster Aid Australia says, it is important to start the journey.

The journey has certainly started in real earnest.

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