Sunday, December 30, 2018

Interesting Read: My Old Posts On Cardamom

I am happy to know that India has allowed the exit of Bhutanese cardamom into India. This means that the government does not need to buy the unsold stock currently being held by the farmers. If the government had resorted to what it had contemplated, there would have been serious problems, and, as in the past, few civil servants would have lost their jobs and some farmers and traders would have made millions. Now that the issue is no longer a concern, I am going to let matters be. The sordid affairs of the past will remain buried - until another stupidity is contemplated.

The variety of Black/Brown Cardamom grown in Bhutan. In the early 80's, this was Bhutan's biggest export and highest foreign exchange earner. This horticulture crop is not endemic to Bhutan. It is said that it was brought to Bhutan from Sikkim by the Rai brothers of Sarpang. In the 70's cardamom plantations caused severe destruction to forests, resulting in its nationalization in 1979.

True to character, I understand that the farmers have been giving the government agencies a hard time - while trying to determine the actual stock in the hands of the farmers. Even beyond that, I am told that the farmers were negotiating higher prices for their cardamom - imagine! Isn't it enough that the government is trying to bail them out? They want a huge profit in the process? From these you can foretell what would have transpired - if the government went ahead and acted the cardamom trader.

But I would like to draw my readers’ attention to my two older posts on the issue of cardamom. They are not the whole story - but they make for interesting reading, nonetheless. Do not forget to read the comments. You might pick up some useful knowledge and hints as to why cardamom is bad news.


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