Saturday, December 28, 2019

Some Of Those Who Share The Planet With Us

Imagine there are more than a trillion other life forms on this earth that share our living spaces. Some of them are the following. I present 10 of the hundred odd images I have of these beautifully patterned Lepidoptera.


You may have never seen these beautiful Moths, and it is likely that you may never see them. Some of them are likely to go extinct, caused by human recklessness.

Someone rightly said: If the mother earth is to survive, the human race has to go extinct. Alas, I fear there is no such luck - we will annihilate everything before we go extinct.


  1. Beautiful Photography la. Can I share ur pics in IG with due credit to you as so that people get to see out beautiful mountains. Everyone is not lucky toto go to our mountains to see it