Saturday, February 19, 2022

Remain Calm & Realistic: DO NOT PANIC!

Yesterday Bhutan recorded the highest COVID-19 infections to date – at 527.

I am not sure if all the reported cases were new infections – it is quiet possible that some of them may be old undetected cases. May be these old undetected cases are the cause of the sudden surge in community cases. However, it is inconsequential whether they are old undetected cases or new cases. What is worrisome is that the unprecedented surge in new cases has begun to create panic within the Bhutanese society.

Panic is bad – misjudgments are most often committed during panic situations. Panic is what we do not need during these testing times. The government and the committee of experts must remain level headed and calm and focused – and REALISTIC.

I am in total agreement with COVID-19 Technical Advisory Group Member Dr. Tshokey the idea of living with the virus is TOTALLY RUINOUS.

Resulting from the panic caused by the proliferating new cases, and severe difficulties brought on by the lockdowns, some are suggesting that the Bhutanese people should now be charged with the responsibility of self-quarantine and isolation. THIS IS A BAD, BAD IDEA! The Bhutanese people are self-centered and they are irresponsible and indisciplined. If the government takes this route – trust me – we will have an irretrievable disaster in our hands.

Those of you who read my posts, you would remember what I said – that even after installing a huge signboard that reads “NO FILTERING RIGHT”, the Traffic Division of the RBP still has to post a traffic constable on the spot - to make sure that the traffic is not filtering right.

You know that despite thousands of DeSuups, RBP, RBA and the local volunteers in the frontlines and affected areas, His Majesty still makes trips after trips after trips to these areas – because His Majesty is fully aware that without constant monitoring and on-the-spot leadership and direction, things will begin to fall apart.

Look at how we behave – the moment lockdown is announced or lifted – the whole population will invade the shopping malls, restaurants, roads and the fuel stations - without a care in the world.

Looking reality squarely in the face - the government and the expert committee ought to know what the doctor ordered.

We are all aware that there are some sections of the society who are suffering extreme difficulties - but if it helps others remain safe and secure - it should be acceptable that some of us can perform acts of benevolence. In our collective fight to rid ourselves of this virus, let us be tolerant and charitable because, in the final analysis, if we do not help ensure safety of others around us - it is a noose around our own necks.

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