Monday, April 4, 2022

The Other Face Of Lockdown

The greatest angst for a person who is a victim of habit – is when he/she runs out of that one thing that he/she craves for, the most. Those of us who are casualties of the force of our own habits know what it means to be deprived. The extended lockdown totaling over a month would have caused boundless miseries to many people – one among them being me.

Halfway through the lockdown, I ran out of my favorite whiskey. The locality in which I live unfortunately do not sell my brand of whiskey. And I was not allowed to drive or move out of my Zone.

Fortunately for me, two of my friends had collectively gifted me a total of 4 bottles of the much coveted TER Single Malt Whiskey, aged 18 years. For over two years, the bottles had remained untouched – they served to act as window dressings on my shelves. But now it would appear that their St. Martin’s Day had arrived - it seems like a good moment to relish them – for the first time in my life.

The subliminal Elixir

WOW!!! I did not expect it to be this good – it was silky smooth – with a dizzying aroma that set my nostrils aflame. As it made its way down my throat, there was not a hint of burn or harshness – even when sipped neat/straight – as single malts are supposed to be sipped. Its silkiness surpassed the very best of Cognacs of the world. It has got to be the absolute best among the AWP Gelephu’s offerings.

In addition to the product being of the highest standard, the packaging is superlative. I love the bottle – its shape, its considerable weight and solidity, its classy embossed stopper, the letterings and the round holding case in which the product is packaged. I loved it so much that I spent nearly an hour photographing the bottle and its casing presented above. I am not sure what is the degree of value addition – but this is one product/produce that I am proud is associated with my beloved country – Bhutan.

Thank God the lockdown got lifted – otherwise there was a real danger that I could have gotten hooked on it – that would be tragic – because it is one drink that I cannot afford.

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