Sunday, May 29, 2022

The Ebb and Flow of Life

Humans have theorized the procreation process of the birds, and everything else. And most often we had to rewrite our theories. But unhindered by our many misconceptions, life goes on ceaselessly – neither the lawlessness in Lunana, nor the perplexity of Ex-Dzongda Lhab Dorji’s case will hinder the march of life - it begins and ends as pre-destined.

For the past over two months, I have been keeping track of a bird couple resident at a small stretch of a stream that dissects Dechenchholing Dangrena – my locality. My attention was drawn to the Plumbeous Water Redstart (Rhyacornis fuliginoa) couple – the day I observed that they were on to their mating ritual. Unusually, the game began rather early – early March. My experience is that usually the birds in Bhutan begin their play sometime in early April - but it really depends on species - different species nest and breed at different times. Blame it on global warming – if the Black-necked Cranes can be seen in Gelephu, why can’t the amorous couple begin their game earlier than usual?

By mid April, I realized that the couple had mated, built their home and laid the eggs and even hatched them. I knew exactly where the nest was located – but kept it a secret lest someone go and disturb it. I became aware of the existence of the nest when I noticed that the birds were making repeated trips to a particular location – meaning the chicks have been hatched and they were being nurtured by the parents.

Yesterday I noticed that the chicks – all three of them - were out of the nest and they were put on the path of life – their parents were now teaching them the most important lesson of their lives – the art of gathering food – to survive and to start a new generation of birds – the process of perpetuating life on this planet.



One of the three new born chicks

The hard working mom feeding her three chicks

Dad too must contribute to the upbringing of the chicks

Most animals breed during the spring months. The reason is that during this season food is plentiful. Thus bringing up the young is simpler.

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