Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Safe Water: The Gift Of Life

Hi Brian,

Thank you for the link to the video .... I went through the whole video till the end.

It was truly nostalgic. I may have resigned ... but my heart is still there ----- in the Rotary.

The launch of BHUTAN2020 Project at the Rotary Convention in Toronto, Canada in 2018

At $ one million, our BHUTAN2020 Project is Rotary Club of Thimphu's single largest humanitarian project, and among the most meaningful. It benefits a few hundred thousand school children and teachers across the country, including, in some cases, even their parents. The Ist Phase of SkyHydrant 120 filters were already successfully installed during my tenure. Five days back I visited the Rotary office and I noticed that 5 filters from the IInd Phase is already in the country - I thank you for keeping the project alive and on track.

Map showing installation sites of 20 SkyHydrant water filters by July 2018

But one worry that had dogged me during the entire duration of my tenure in RC Thimphu was the fear that school authorities could be numbed into a false sense of safety - that since there is a good filtration system installed in the school that everything would be hunky dory. People tend to forget that the very best of systems are prone to failure - that one must never be complacent.

Safeguarding our children

In my capacity as the Club Secretary I did all I could to try and ensure that the school Principals remain vigilant - that the filters are not malfunctioning. The only way to ensure that is by running regular tests to make sure that the filters are dispensing safe water. The schools have been required to make sure that they have the health authorities test the water dispensed by the filters every 2-3 months. It is my hope that the requirement is not abandoned, for the sake of school children’s health.

By the way, you may have heard that thousands of Bhutanese youth are heading for Australia - for education and livelihood. Please keep a look out for any job openings for them. I suddenly realized that NOTHING, but NOTHING, can beat the Rotary network - please spread the word among the Rotary fraternity in Australia. I think this is a great idea - particularly considering that a majority of the sponsors for the SkyHydrant water filters are Rotarians, or institutions owned and run by Rotarians.

Bye and take care ... and I hope you will have the patience to keep going with the good work.


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