Sunday, March 25, 2012

Joint Exhibition of Bird Photographs by Bangladeshi and Bhutanese Bird Photographers

As part of the recently signed MoU on Cultural Cooperation between Bhutan and Bangladesh, a group comprising of members of the Bangladesh Bird Club is on a bird watching tour to Bhutan. Since 21st March, 2012, they have been bird-watching and photographing them in the Puna Pho-Chu and along the Gasa-Damji road, accompanied by Bhutanese bird watchers and birding guides, including officials from the Nature Conservation Division, Ministry of Agriculture and the Royal Society for Protection of Nature. They will return to Thimphu today.

The highlight of this Cultural Exchange Program between the two countries is the exhibition of 110++ color photographs of some of the most beautiful birds found in the two countries. The group Exhibition of bird images photographed by the participating Bangladeshi and Bhutanese photographers/birders will be inaugurated at the Alaya Gallery (VAST) located on the ground floor of the Tourism Council of Bhutan office in Chubachu area. The Exhibition will be open for public viewing as of 11.30AM of 26th March, 2012. In my capacity as a member of the Bhutanese team, I am happy to extend our invitation to any one who may be interested to visit the Exhibition. I will be exhibiting 35 of my bird images.

In the coming months, a group of Bhutanese birders and bird photographers will be traveling to Bangladesh - to undertake a similar bird watching tour when they will photograph birds in that country and hold a similar Exhibition.


  1. Hi Yeshey, congrats on presenting your photographs. You are indeed an excellent photographer and I enjoy your photos tremendously.

    However, if the organizers of this exhibition really intended that the public will also enjoy, they should have opened the gallery during the weekend. But they didn't. It is open for only 3 days during the office hours in the middle of the week when most people CANNOT attend.

    It happens all the time. As long as these types of exhibitions are open only in the mid-week and during office hours only, and no consideration is given to the common man or woman who would like to visit, I think these exhibitions are there to self-serve high-ranking officials who enjoy the opening, cocktails etc and use them for adding another line to their CV.

    They are not doing the public any good.

    Let me know what you think.

  2. Hi Gurung

    Thanks for the comment. Let me speak to the organizers and see if we can extend it to until evening of Sunday.

    It is not really fair to blame the organizers since this is a collaborative effort between Bangladesh and Bhutan and it was intended that it would coincide with the Independence Day of Bangladesh which falls on a week day. Regardless, provided the Exhibition Hall is available, it would make sense to extend the show untill Sunday - for the benefit of office goers.

    Thanks for pointing out .. I will get back to you on this.

  3. Hi Gurung,

    Happy to confirm that the organizers have agreed to extend the Photography Exhibition until the evening of Sunday the 1st April, 2012.