Saturday, March 17, 2012

Is There A Videographer/Writer Among You?

Jude Ogzewalla, Associate Editor, CultureGrams recently wrote to me asking me if I would be interested to write some articles on Bhutan. I declined the offer since I am not free to take up any outside assignments. I have, however, offered to post an announcement through my Blog - in the hope that there may be someone among you who may be interested to undertake the assignment.

Jude’s organization will pay a one time fee of US$250.00 for your article on Bhutan. In addition, she also writes:

“ ….. we need 3 interviews for the country (2 adult, one with a child), and pay $50 for each interview submitted.  We are also looking for people to submit photo and video content, and pay for both of those. If any of your contacts would be interested in contributing to our product with interviews, photos, or videos, I’d be glad to discuss the terms and payment processing for them. If your blog would be a good outlet to spread the word, I welcome the posting.”

If you are interested, please write for further details to:

       Jude Ogzewalla
       Associate Editor, CultureGrams

Best Luck


  1. Thank you for the notice sir.

    I am not in Bhutan but I have informed one of my friend about the announcement. I guess, it is not late.

    And I hope someone benefits from this project simultaneously.

  2. Hi Yeesi7,

    Thanks ... seems like people are already active ... I have received a mail from the Editor saying that she already has responses.