Thursday, January 3, 2013

Changlemithang Football Ground

With the resurfacing of the football ground at the Changlemithang Stadium with artificial grass, playing football should be great. I did not see any policemen standing at the gates so I did not think that I would be denied entry into the grounds. The field looked simply great! I took some photos which is being posted here for your pleasure! Let me warn you though that I had the wrong camera. Regardless, I think the photos are not too bad, as a first attempt.

As long as some strange people do not take it upon themselves to impose a blanket ban on photography of the footballing events of the future, I think I want to go more often to catch some action.



  1. Here's to more pictures and that you don't face any bans in the new year. It would be nice to see the pictures of games played in the night with floodlights.

  2. Au Yeshey, Wrong camera? What do you mean.

  3. I mean I was not prepared to be shoot action at the Changlemithang ground ... so I was carrying my 1DS fullframe camera which is not designed to shoot action photos. If I had intended to shoot football action, I would have brought along a faster frame rate body - may be D60.