Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Human Creative Mind Is Still King

I pursue a purist form of photography. This means that I like to photograph and present my subjects in its most natural form - as God made them. That is probably why, I loathe doing human portraiture because the modern face is most often subjected to melodramatic transformations through the use of massive doses of complex chemical compounds.

In 99.999% of my photographs, you will also not see any objects of modern manufacture such as cars, lamp posts, hoardings and billboards. I like to photograph objects of beauty and harmony - one that gives a viewer a sense of calm and tranquility, of beauty and space, a feeling of unbridled freedom and liberty.

But in these digital times when technology is threatening to crush human artistry, as in everything else, purists like me need to come to terms with the fact that keeping step with the changing trends is critical. It is that or, I have to be prepared to be left behind.

Photography used to be about patience, technical skill, hard work and a person’s inherent artistic qualities. No longer. It is now all about one’s skill at manipulation in the digital darkroom. One no longer needs to be a skilled photographer but a competent digital darkroom specialist. One has to be good at photographic manipulation software - you need no other skill to churn out breathtaking photographs.

A skillful Adobe PhotoShoper can, most realistically, park the DrukAir’s jet in the parking lot of Tashichho Dzong. The Tashi Taj, swarmed from all around by a cluster of concrete buildings, can be shown to be surrounded with lush green pine trees! Recently, a digital camera manufacturer announced a camera that can actually alter all the points of focus and a photograph's perspectives - on the computer, post shooting!

The following photograph shows a girl’s photo framed inside a silk/brocade mount. That is the best I can do - by way of manipulation. Am I going to learn any further digital tricks?

Nope - because I believe that it is the human mind that has created these masterful digital manipulation tools. That means that the human mind is still the MASTER CREATOR. No amount of digital mastery can beat the creativity of the human mind.

Is it possible to create - digitally - the hauntingly sombre look of the girl in the photo? IMPOSSIBLE!

This pretty little girl was photographed in her classroom at Jigme Losel School, Chubachu


  1. make "make-up" sound like some biomedical mumbo jumbo ! enjoyed reading this. Am wondering if it's going to provoke the photoshop wonderworkers or whatever the term is.

  2. An amazing stand point as usual. I'm sure u'r work will be much appreciated.