Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Bhutan Now Has An Active COVID-19 Case (Beyond Quarantine Phase)

More than 3 months back, I had sounded out through this Blog that we will eventually have our community spread - for me it has always been a matter of WHEN – and not of IF. The government has now announced that the day is here and that we now have an active case within the country. We are now in a locked-down phase - as of today.

I was a little startled by the severity of the lock-down. I did not expect that we would be grounded completely – within the periphery of our own compound. But on thinking deeper – that is the best way to go. With total shut in, we do not have to worry about poor quality face masks, inappropriate handling of masks, repeated hand washing, sanitizing – fear of bumping into people who are infected or are asymptomatic.

The question now is: How long will the lock-down be for? We all realize that it cannot be for too long a duration. And yet, we also cannot let down our guard. But we have to know that lock-down is not an answer – it certainly is not a fight against the virus. It is merely a precaution against something that is here to stay.

Now lets heed sound advise and stay indoors – until we are told that it is safe to venture out into a world that is unlikely to be the same ever again.

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  1. Thanks government for every efforts to combat the unseen enemy. Our forefronter like Sedups and health workers are in great risk of expose. People are battling the spread at every level with much concern. I can see every citizen abiding the timely protocols of Health. With such cooperation Bhutan with a manageable population ca make a big difference. Thank you author for bri g the topic to the world. It is of concern to each of us right now...