Thursday, September 15, 2022

The People's Pandemic

A battle like no other, and Bhutan came out smelling like the roses.

A book will soon be available to the Bhutanese people that will describe in detail how the battle was won, who were the strategists behind the scene and who were the foot soldiers.

The look and feel of the Book

An excerpt from the book: The People's Pandemic

The book provides undeniable proof that we live in a land that hasn't survived by accident.


  1. How can I purchase this book?

  2. I will announce it here when the book is released publicly.

  3. While genuinely saluting the saviors...kudos....
    Also the other side of the pandemic where few made windfall/bonanza gains out of financial relief measures....

    1. Yes, I heard too ..... Unfortunately that is the tragedy of life ..... there are no dearth of people who are so immoral that they grab every straw there is to grab. At the end though, for all their immorality, they end up being scorned and detested like dirt that they are.