Friday, June 30, 2023

A Case Of Check Without Balance

It is sad - to the pathos to which the governance of the world’s Happiest Kingdom has been reduced to.

How, and when, did we get here? Could the truth be that Mr. Sangay of Haa Wangcha is succumbing to his sense of patriotism and ignoring the ugly truth that we Bhutanese may actually be even “less than mediocre”? Listen to this:

Listening to our Prime Minister respond to MP of Haa Sombaykha questioning the government on why there is a continuing ban on loans in the country, is enough to give you a lump in the throat.

What desperation drives a Prime Minister of a country - the head of the government - to admit on the floor of the Parliament that he and his government was unable to get one public institution to lift the misguided moratorium on loans to the citizens? Is this an isolated case? Or is this a routine happenstance?

What constitutional provisions or other legal provisions empower a public institution from defying a sitting government and its Chief Executive? How is a government to function when some two-bit institution has the audacity to stand in their way and throttle their attempts at development and progress?

It is good that there are checks and balances in place - but this is a case of CHECK WITHOUT BALANCE.

Today a large number of Bhutanese are quick to point fingers at the DNT government’s less than sterling performance - here is then an occasion for us all to introspect and know the ugly truth and the reason behind many of the country’s failures.


  1. Sadly the government does not have the balls to do anything other than cripple the private sector.

  2. High time need to change central bank’s Governor who understand at least fundamentals of economics.