Tuesday, June 13, 2023

A Jog Down The Memory Lane

Few days back, someone from out of the blue - rather a contact from about ten years back, sent me an eMail and asked:

“Do you happen to know where the attached QTH is located in Thimphu?”

Zoro's QTH inside the compound of the Royal Thimphu College, Nabephu, Thimphu. He set it up there so that he may have free access to it whenever he visited Bhutan.
I visited him and his family at his home in Japan in 2001, as his guest. He was a person of unparalleled passion and resilience - what he was willing to do for his hobby is simply mind-boggling!

The sender of the mail was Mr. Jim McCook, a ham radio operator from the USA – with a CallSign W6YA.

A Ham Radio CallSign is a uniquely composed alpha-numeric tag given to a legally registered ham radio operator - no one in the world may use it - it is like the finger print of the operator. My CallSign is A51AA - I could have chosen to take A51YD - but I like "AA" - it means I am "Numero Uno" 😜

Ofourse I was clueless as to where that ham radio shack, or “QTH” in ham parlance, was located - but if I am worth any salt at all, I damn well ought to know where the location was most likely to be: I WhatsApp’ed the President of RTC and asked him:

“Is that structure located within your college compound? Was it activated by a person called “Zoro” – or a Japanese named Mr. Miyazawa?"

“Yes” he confirmed! Including the fact that after the demise of the famous “Zoro”, the disused facility had since been turned into the “Indo-Bhutan Satellite Receiver”.

That established, I logged on to my Blog and went through the posts on “Ham Radio”. It was only then that I realized just how much historical material there was on my blog - on a profuse of subjects.

With particular reference to “Zoro”, please read the following:

I made a resolve to visit my blog more often, from henceforth.

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