Tuesday, January 30, 2024

Welcome to PDP Government

The new government is now firmly on the seat of governance – we have to accept that there is no altering the fact. They may not be the government of your choice – that is not important. What is true is that they are now the men about town and all of us must respect that, and give support as best as we can.

The winning Horse

I am not so naïve as to believe that they will fulfill even 10% of their campaign promises. If they fail, it will be because you have been unrealistic in your expectations. But I am convinced that they will try their best ----- and that is all that I can expect from them – give their very best.

But I do wish that they would take on a number of initiatives on a priority basis. I talk of things that are doable - and necessary - nothing that will require billions of Ngultrums, or years of planning. I hope that they work on the following two:

1.  Reworking the Tourism policy

2.  Rationalizing the airfares of the Druk Air

The new Prime Minister’s first day in office does set out some useful priorities ---- and among them he mentions tourism. But he makes the same mistake the past government did – he is trusting that the Bhutanese embassies abroad will do the job.

I hope he will soon realize that there is more than enough in-country competence to do the job better than any paid clueless consultants or embassy staff.

Through this post, I would like to appraise the Prime Minister that the Bhutan Sustainable Tourism Society (BSTS) had already offered to help out the government should they need help. The help was offered through the now disbanded (although officially un-notified) Tourism Council Board and also to the Finance and Economic Committee of the DNT government during a meeting with the Committee in which some of the Members of the BSTS was present.

I dare say, on behalf of the BSTS, that the offer still stands – we will be happy to sort out the mess – GRATIS!

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